Airbnb (Chapter1) – Transcript

They Have Disrupted Our Perception of Renting to Strangers!

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joe gabbia airbnb english 英語
Joe Gabbia
guy raz airbnb english 英語
Guy Raz

Guy: Hey, it’s Guy here. We’ve been super busy working on a bunch of live shows this summer and in fact, this very Thursday, check your podcast queue for my conversation with the founders of Reddit. Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman are incredibly insightful and also very very funny. You will hear a lot of laughs from the live audience in San Francisco. So, stay tuned for that and for more live events coming to your cities and towns throughout the year but right now, we’ve got one of our all-time favorites from the HIBT archives. So, enjoy!


Joe Gebbia: We ended up going from zero to 800 homes in a matter of four weeks and I have to tell you, I thought that this was it. Like this was our rocket ship to the moon.

Guy Raz: You thought, we made it, we’re here, we got it

Joe: Right. If you build it, they will come and look what’s happening and so, we get introduced to 20 investors in Silicon Valley. 10 of them replied our email, five of them met us for coffee, zero invested in us.


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On today’s show, the story of how a side hustle to pay rent led Joe Gebbia to build a company that now has more rooms than the biggest hotel chain in the world.

Chapter 1: San Francisco is the State of Opportunity…

Everything in your life is meaningful!


Guy: Ten years ago, even five years ago, most of us would have thought the idea of renting out a room in our home to a complete stranger, a little creepy. Even spending the night in someone else’s home you never met would probably seem weird, especially on vacation or a business trip but now it’s not just normal, it’s actually the preferred way to overnight for millions of people around the world. Even celebrities do it. And the company that made all of this normal of course is Airbnb and the guys who started it had no background in travel or hospitality or even technology.

Joe Gebbia graduated from art school at the Rhode Island School of Design. Brian Chesky, his co-founder was Joe’s college buddy. They played pick-up basketball together and after they graduated in 2005, both Joe and Brian moved out west. Brian went to LA, Joe went to San Francisco and in that first year, Joe who was designing book covers at a publishing house worked really hard to convince Brian to move up to San Francisco to start a business and as Joe tells the story, after some prodding Brian agreed.

Joe: Both of us simultaneously quit our jobs. He left his… I was at Chronicle Books full-time at that point and I left to to dream up something with him.

Guy: And you guys were like in your mid-20s or…

Joe: 25.

Guy: So, you didn’t need a whole lot of money, presumably?

Joe: At this point, no. We were just a couple of college grads, you know, eating .

Guy: Yeah. Why does everybody Ramen? Everybody eats Ramen.

ramen airbnb english 英語

Joe: It’s so cheap.

Guy: There’s layers of Ramen Ramen Ramen. I mean, you can get rice.

Joe: It’s rice cereal too.

Guy: Anyway, so, you guys are there, you’re eating Ramen and what? You’re just like spitballing ideas?

Joe: We’re spitballing ideas and that first week was so exciting.

Guy: You mean that first week, he comes, you’re like…