Frederic Loyd Transcript / フレデリック・ロイド(ティファニー)のトランスクリプト

Frederic Loyd, Director, Gambit Global

(このコンテンツは、Udemyのオンライン・コース「マネジメント・コンサルタントのための英語トレーニング・コース:マーケティング編 Tiffanyケース」のための教材の一部です)

Frederic Lloyd, Director

Hi. I’m Fred. Frederic Lloyd. Nice to meet you.

You must be the expat from Japan, right? Doug mentioned about your last week. How are you enjoying your NY life so far?

Oh. That’s great.

Well, Sarah told me you are doing research on Tiffany and jewelry industry? I won’t pretend to be an authority about them, but I think I can help you. I was born in London, and then spent about a decade out of the country until I went back to the UK to work in the fashion industry, so I have some knowledge you can use.

Ok. Let me tell you from my experience in London….

I think Tiffany can learn from European luxury brands. They never underestimate the power of the exclusive jewelry. US fashion companies are more inclined to offer lower prices and discounts to provide affordable luxury to customers. But, I’m afraid, in the long term, this very strategy to attract new customers could turn them away as the brand gets diluted.

If you look at it, on one hand, they would attain sales goals, but on the other, the brand itself becomes ubiquitous and uncool, eclipsing the financial gains. It’s not super uncommon. For example, Abercrombie and Fitch went down this path. Affordable luxury, the Atlas Collection, is bringing in quick profits, but they got to be careful not to give in to this growing temptation.

The last thing Tiffany wants is to scathe the image of the company’s legacy. When a company that has a prestigious name in high-end fashion becomes myopic, risks are almost always guaranteed. It could be worse than just ending up with confused customers. They must tread carefully about how far they can go with their experiment and where to stop.

Well, do you think this helps?

Let me know if you have any questions, ok?

Good luck!